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Medical Translation Services

Professional medical translation service involves the translation of various medical documents such as drug data sheets, training materials for healthcare, patient records, prescriptions, medical history, to name a few.

The translation of medical documents has many benefits both for the patient and the medical team Doctors and nurses get better information about the health condition of their foreign patient if they have access to translated health care records. Patients also benefit out of this, as they should always have a fare idea of any medical procedure they need to undergo.

Every health care professional and patient should duly consider the translation of following medical documents:

  • Medical history of patient
  • Consent forms to be signed by patients or their relatives before any medical procedures
  • Instructions for patients for post-discharge care, if any
  • These documents possess valuable inputs for both patient and the doctor in order to provide the best possible care possible.

    A patient's medical record is running history of his/her health. These are very important documents and must be properly translated. While pursuing insurance claims in some other country or in case of an injury while traveling abroad, your doctors, lawyers and organizations you interact with need to know correct sequence of events, grievousness of injuries, criticality of illnesses etc. in a language they understand. These days, medical tourism is also at its peak and people travel more frequently to other countries for specialized medical treatment.

    The hospital which the patient visits in such circumstances will require a complete understanding of medical history, to avoid any complications and chances of wrong treatment. And for this reason, all medical records must be translated into the local language. After the treatment, the doctor issues a discharge certificate that may also be required to be translated in your own language so that you can follow all instructions properly and recover soon.

    There is a possibility that you may wish to continue to receive treatment from your regular doctor in your own country and might need your medical records in foreign-language be translated.

    In some cases, translation of medical record is sought for legal purposes. In case you come across any accident while you are travelling abroad, and receive treatment which is very costly. For holding another party legally accountable, or to submit a claim to your insurance company, your medical records form vital evidence.

    For this reason, if hospital records of treatment or incident reports are issued in some other language, they are required to be translated into the official language of the court of law and/or insurance companies in order to get your claim processed and properly evaluate their validity for any claims.

    If an injury becomes a matter of a lawsuit and is taken to court, translated copies of medical records will be required to be submitted. You may need the original document which is in foreign language be translated so that they can be reviewed by your lawyer and doctor for validity of your claims. Medical evaluations following this will also have to be translated into the official language of the ruling court or local judiciary.

    A professional translation company can help you avoid any costly mistakes and make sure your medical history is well prepared by accurately translate your medical records.

    A slightest mistake in translation of medical documents can lead to a dangerous situation. An error in dosage of prescribed medication or patient allergies may lead to dire consequences. You can trust our professional linguists who have expertise in the field of medical translations. In some cases, a certified translation by a qualified professional becomes must.

    Translation of medical bills and records often involves complex medical terms that a non-medico person will not be able to understand. Medical document translation should be strictly done by professionals who are well-versed with medical terminology in both the source and target languages, any errors in translation and possibility of mishaps could be avoided.

    Our medical translators are well experienced and have worked with some of the biggest medical and pharmaceutical firms. For all medical translations, it is extremely important for translators to be well-versed with all the terminology. There are dire consequences of even a minor error in translation and we ensure that all medical translations are handled with great precision and care.

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