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Contact TranslationInIndia today for a free quote on Indian and Foreign language translation or any other combination of translation and related business services. Our Indian and Foreign language services include:

1) What do you mean by Certified Document Translation?
  We give the translation on our letterhead and notarized

2) What is the difference between Certified Document Translation & other translations?
  Normal translation is done by a translator and sent to the client whereas Certified translation is done by a translator and then proofread by another proofreader and then its certified

3) Why Document translation necessary?
  Document translation is necessary for ease of understanding the content in their own specific language

4) What is the native Language Translations?
  This is also called as Forward translation , basically from English to any foriegn language , for e.g. Eng> Spanish, The documents are sent to spain or Latin America to the translators living in that part of the word who are natives in that language , this is called Native translation

5) Where to write for Service Enquiry related to Certified Document Translation?
  You can fillup the enquiry form in our website or directly mail us at

6) What are the Document Translation Service Charges?
  The prices depend on many factors like the target language, volume of work , Proofreading required, and delivery time.... for the same we request client to share the details of the scope of the work so as to send a very formal quotation

7) What are the Payment options for NRI?
  Clients living abroad can do wire transfer, Paypal or Skrill

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