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We, at TranslationInIndia, believe that transparency, accountability, teamwork and quality are our guiding principles. Our accessibility is another of our strong points. With Sales Agents in almost every country, we can lend our expertise to your projects wherever you are. The predominant ethos at TranslationInIndia is of a young company perfectly poised for growth, backed by a fierce determination to succeed. This growth can only be the result of a mutually benefiting relationship that we nurture with our clients.

Translation In India Project Management PhasesTranslation In India

choosing our linguists

Native translators with a degree in languages or a degree in any other subject. At least 5-10 year experience.
Pass interviews and rigorous subject specific language tests. All of our translations are completed by in country, native speakers of the target language and reviewed for accuracy and style by a second linguist who also specializes in the subject matter.

Project preparation

The project manager appoints a project team, prepares a project kit/glossary and provides technical training for team members if necessary. The project manager also foresees potential problems and finds feasible solutions to avoid any unexpected setbacks.

TEP Processes

TEP Processes (TEP=Translation, Editing and Proofreading)
Query reports and regular meetings are used to solve problems and share information promptly. Editors review 100% of the translations by comparing the target language against the source language. Accuracy, grammar, spelling, and writing style are checked thoroughly. Proof-readers also simulate the experience of the end user by proofreading the text without referring to the source documents.


Quality Assurance (QA)
Then, TIL performs a final Quality Assurance check by a 3rd linguist to ensure that the translation is error-free
QA Tools. TIL uses TM tools to create project specific glossaries that aid ALL translators and proof-readers working on a project. TM tools help maintain language consistency across multiple projects and multiple groups of translators. After the whole translation process is complete, our QA specialists will double check and test each and every project before delivering it back to the client.

Sign off

A sign-off is done by the project team members and the QA manager to perform a final review of the project to make sure all the requirements have been satisfied with high quality. The files are sent to the client.

Project summary

The PM and QA manager internally evaluate the project quality and team members' performance. The glossary is updated and stored in our system.

Translation In India Translation ProcessTranslation In India

Steps for translation process

  • Step 1 :
      Client contacts us with the document that needs to be translated and document turnaround time.
  • Step 2 :
      We reply with the quote and any other questions / doubts regarding the document. We also discuss the estimated time for completing the translation and the quality check is also subsequently.
  • Step 3 :
      Client gets back with the confirmation.
  • Step 4 :
      We choose the suitable translator and the work is allocated.
  • Step 5 :
      Once the translation work is completed, a quality test follows, in which the document is checked for its quality, localization criteria and DTP.
  • Step 6 :
      After the quality-testing the translated document is sent to the client.
  • Step 7 :
      In case there are any modifications to be done on the translated document, those changes are done.

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